My name is Luisa-Christin Kaßler.

Nice to meet you.

I am passionate about the mediation of knowledge appropriately so it is communicated in a fun and new way. My desire is to get people fascinated and interested about stuff. It is important that every person has access to the huge treasure of knowledge humanity was able to gather. 

There is so much to wonder about out there. Let´s inspire the world. 


Visual Storytelling

Throughout history the human being wanted to communicate. Most of communication happened through stories. They transported knowledge for thousands of years. Generations learned everything through them.

Do you remember the ancient cave paintings? Visual Storytelling at it´s best! Perserved for over 30.000 years, the story in them survived and people still wonder about it today.


What do we learn from that?

Humans love stories & to look at them. 

Anaglyph 3D


Please but your 3D glasses on



Meer&Plastik, Project Mission 14, Verein ScienceCenter Netzwerk, Wien, 2020

Project for scientific illustration course at Karl-Franzens University, Graz, 2019 

Fun with the Doppler effect, 2020


Die Ozeanversauerung, Project Mission 14, Verein ScienceCenter Netzwerk, Wien, 2020

Time takes it´s toll, Art project, FH JOANNEUM, 2019


About me...



Thank you very much :)